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What’s the Best Way to Spend Easter Weekend 2024 in London? Your Ultimate Guide!

Best Way to Spend Easter Weekend 2024 in LondonBest Way to Spend Easter Weekend 2024 in London

Easter is not just a date on the calendar; it is a date for celebration that transforms Britain’s capital city into a treasure trove of experience. Every corner of London hides a magical surprise for anyone seeking fun during this memorable holiday—the city’s landmarks can bear witness to this.

But first, let’s talk convenience. In this digital age, staying connected is a must. So, if you’re on the lookout for hotels with free Wi-Fi in London, worry not! There are plenty of options across the city that offer this amenity, ensuring you can stay connected with friends, share your Easter memories, or simply unwind with your favorite Netflix series after a day of exploring.

Are you planning on being a part of this experience? Sit tight as we uncover the eclectic mix that London has in store for Easter weekend 2024.

What Is Easter?

Easter is a holiday celebrated by Christians worldwide to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as described in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Easter is considered one of the oldest festivals in the church.

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It falls on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox, which marks the culmination of the passion of Christ and his crucifixion on Good Friday. This year, 2024, Easter weekend starts on March 29th with Good Friday and ends on April 1st with Easter Monday.

People celebrate Easter with many traditional activities, including church services, festive meals, and breathtaking activities.

Family Attractions And Easter Holiday Activities For Kids In London

Whether you are a resident or visiting London for the Easter holiday, this vibrant city has a tailored experience for you and the kids. Here they are:

Sea Life London

Craving to see what life in the deep blue sea looks like? Then, Sea Life is a place you’d want to spend your Easter weekend with the family and kids. You’d see several fantastic sea creatures, like seahorses, sharks, and jellyfish there. Can’t wait to see them, right?

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark provides breathtaking moments with its famous masts of iconic ships. Climbing this ship is terrific for families who are brave enough for the adventure. So warm up your feet and arms as you’re about to be gaslighted with fun.

The Thames

The Thames is fun-packed for an Easter weekend in London. Enjoy the exotic views of London’s landmarks by taking a family-friendly boat cruise around the River Thames. Operators provide Easter-themed rides, activities, and entertainment for families.


London has a lot of family-friendly interactive museums that you can visit with the kids during the Easter holiday. Museums like natural history museums put up special activities tailored for young minds during the Easter holidays.

Easter Shows In London 

Want to experience spectacular Easter weekend family time? Getting a ticket to see a movie or musical performance in London is a great idea. You can try out those at London’s west end—they are jaw-dropping. You can also take the family to see a matinee performance during the holiday for a heartwarming, hilarious show.

London Easter Egg Hunt And Trails

Enjoy the Easter weekend in London by egg hunting in one of London’s finest gardens, where you and the kids can search for hidden chocolates. Gardens like Hamhouse and Gardens, Kew Gardens, and Covent Gardens combine joy and fun to create a perfect family Easter weekend outing. Exploring a nature trail in parks and nature reserves is a must to experience on Easter weekend in London.

Weather In London During Easter

The weather in London during Easter varies yearly—The transition from winter to spring characterizes it. The Easter holiday in London witnesses more extended daylight and temperatures ranging from 8 to 15 degrees Celsius. We’ll advise you to keep a layer, a jacket, and an umbrella because they’ll be beneficial for outdoor activities as London’s weather can be unpredictable.

British Easter Traditions

The Easter holiday in London witnesses many traditional activities that keep the city vibrant throughout the Easter weekend. Here is a list of British Easter traditions.

  1. Easter eggs and egg rolling
  2. Hot cross buns
  3. Easter bonnet parade
  4. Easter church service
  5. Morris dancing
  6. Simnel cake

The Best Place To Stay In London

After a day of Easter adventures, you’ll need a cozy place to rest your head. Look no further than Mowbray Court Hotel London for comfortable and affordable accommodation in the city’s heart. Conveniently located near Earls’s Court, this charming hotel offers modern amenities, friendly service, and a warm welcome-the perfect home away from home during your Easter weekend getaway. They also offer discounts—great, right?


London provides many family-friendly activities that ensure families enjoy every Easter weekend. So, if you’ve chosen this city for Easter weekend 2024, you made the right call.

So, there you have it-your ultimate guide to an eggstraordinary Easter weekend in London, complete with budget-friendly hotels that won’t leave you disconnected. Get ready to embrace the simplicity of fun, food, and fantastic moments. Easter 2024 is calling, and London is ready to welcome you with open arms and bunny ears!

5 Spectacular Ways to Celebrate the New Year’s Eve in London

5 Things to Do For New Year's Eve in London- Mowbray Court Hotel London

London comes alive with a shiny spirit and a lovely display of lights to mention goodbye to the old and welcome the new because the calendar turns its final pages. A wide range of activities and events are to be had on New Year’s Eve in the heart of the British city. Here are some interesting things to do in London.

As you plan your New Year’s eve in London, don’t forget that the city offers a range of affordable accommodations to suit every budget. From cheap hotels in London to budget-friendly accommodations, you can find a variety of options for a comfortable stay. 

5 Amazing Ways to Celebrate the New Year’s Eve in London

1.  Thames River Fireworks

The well-known Thames River Fireworks are the precise manner to ignite your new year’s fire. Head to the banks of the River Thames and steady a top view to look the sky changing right into a hue of rainbow above London.

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2. West End Show

Finish your year by means of making its closing moments fancier by enjoying world-magnificence theater performances at London’s famous theater districts, and because the curtain comes down, stroll outside and join the cheerful loads in the New Year celebrations.

3. Dinner at The Shard

A steeply-priced dinner at The Shard will enhance your New Year’s Evening. As the clock ticks nighttime, raise a pitcher to welcome the brand new 12 months with the city’s illuminated monuments supplying a beautiful backdrop.

4. Thames River Cruise

Take a Thames River Cruise to welcome the New Year and enjoy London’s iconic web sites lit up towards the night sky from a different attitude. Enjoy scrumptious supper, live enjoyment, and, of direction, a super vicinity to look the fireworks.

5. Join the countdown on the Big Ben

Ready for a necessary British revel in?
As the world braces itself to mention hi there to the new year, revelers acquire in the parliament rectangular to bid farewell to the vintage year. The chimes of the Big Ben resonating thru the air captures the authentic essence of London’s new year, making it the start of the evening.


London luggage plenty of New Year’s Eve celebrations, which is a sign of the metropolis’s vibrancy. People from all walks of life come together to partake in the excitement of a brand new starting because the clock techniques midnight.

Weather in London during New Year’s Eve

The climate around New Year’s Eve in London might be quite cold. The temperature drops down, starting from 2ºC – 8ºC. It is suggested to wear warm garb,  pack a water resistant jacket, and bring an umbrella.

Tips to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in London

  • Plan your schedule and buy tickets earlier for popular activities, as they tend to sell out fast.
  • Undoubtedly, the public transportation machine of London is the best method of having around the town for the duration of nerve-racking festivities.
  • December in London way bloodless, so dress to preserve yourself as warm as feasible.
  • To keep away from any last-minute shocks, preserve a keen eye on occasion schedules, avenue closures, and public transportation updates.

Affordable Accommodation at the Mowbray Court Hotel in London

It is surprisingly suggested to don’t forget Mowbray Court Hotel in London for a comfortable and affordable place stay. This hotel is located in the famous Kensington area and offers cheap accommodations with easy access to the city’s transportation system. Because of its convenient location, it’s the perfect starting point for seeing the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations without going over budget.

Final Thoughts

No depend how you pick out to have a good time this occasion, a family-pleasant journey, or an exquisite fireworks display, London’s New Year’s Eve promises to be an revel in on the way to never be forgotten.