How to Experience Houses Of Parliament Tours? Something For Everyone

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How to Experience Houses Of Parliament Tours? Something For Everyone

How to Experience Houses Of Parliament Tours-Mowbray Court Hotel London

Visiting the Houses of Parliament located in Westminster provides a chance to see the core of the British political system and history. This will assist you in your exploration of one of London’s most famous attractions.

Whether you are a history buff, a politician enthusiast, or simply a curious traveler, this tour has something for everyone. And if you’re looking to stay in a budget-friendly area, consider checking out cheap hotels in Earls Court London, a convenient base for your explorations.

What are the Houses of Parliament?

The Houses of Parliament, or the Palace of Westminster as it is officially called, is a symbol of democracy and political process in Great Britain. The Palace of Westminster is home to the House of Commons and the House of Lords and is an example of the neo-Gothic architecture of the Victorian era, which has witnessed important political events for several centuries.

What is there to see at the Houses of Parliament?

Tourists can also admire several important chambers and halls, such as the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and Westminster Hall, which is the oldest part of the palace and has hosted many trials throughout history. However, the tour does not cover the clock tower commonly referred to as Big Ben since it is closed to tourists during the tour.

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How long is the tour of the Houses of Parliament?

The Houses of Parliament tour is usually conducted for approximately 90 minutes and offers insights into the history of the building, its construction, and its contemporary political functions.

About Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

Ticket costs differ, but generally, an adult is expected to pay £22.50, and often discounts are available at £19.50. One has to ensure that he or she gets a ticket in advance, especially during the holiday season. The tours are conducted when the Parliament is not in operation; although they have special arrangements during the parliamentary events.

Where is the nearest tube station to the Houses of Parliament?

The closest underground station is Westminster which is connected to the District, Circle, and Jubilee lines. It is just a two-minute walk from the Houses of Parliament which makes it easy for any visitor to find and access.

How can I book tickets for the tour?

There is an option to purchase the tickets for the Houses of Parliament online. It is recommended to book tickets in advance so that you would be able to attend the tour on your preferred day

Where to stay during your visit?

When it comes to lodgings, the Mowbray Court Hotel in London provides a cozy, affordable  and central place to stay to make sure that you are refreshed for the day and in the middle of all the action in London.


A visit to the Houses of Parliament is very enlightening as one gets an opportunity to understand the political history of the United Kingdom and how the country’s government operates. If you are interested in history, and politics, or just want to see some great architecture, the tour gives quite an insight into how Britain is governed and some magnificent buildings there. It is therefore recommended that you book your tour in advance to make a tour of this, a cornerstone of British history.

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