Skating Rapture: Somerset House Ice Arena in the Core of London

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Skating Rapture: Somerset House Ice Arena in the Core of London

As winter's cold hug wraps the clamouring city of London, there arises an otherworldly safe house that changes the metropolitan scene into a flickering, capricious wonderland. Somerset House Ice Skating, a yearly custom, has been spellbinding the hearts of London's natives and guests for endless years. It's an esteemed event, enthusiastically expected by a larger number of people as it introduces the genuine soul of the Christmas season. If you are planning to visit, consider convenient accommodation near Earls Court after your skating rapture.

In this blog, we welcome you to set out on an excursion into this captivating experience, giving you every one of the fundamental subtleties to make your visit to the ice arena at Somerset House a vital and stupendous one.

Where could it be?

Settled in the core of London, Somerset House Ice Skating is a beautiful ice arena situated inside the notable Somerset House. Its focal area makes it effectively open from different pieces of the city.

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When Does it Open?

Somerset House Ice Skating regularly opens its doors in late November and invites skaters until early January. The dates might shift from one year to another, so checking the authority site for the latest information is astute.

Opening and Closing Hours

This colder time of year wonderland of ice works everyday, except for Christmas Day. The arena is normally open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, permitting you to partake in the peaceful sunshine environment and the heartfelt feel of the night.

About Tickets

Here is the cool part - admission to Somerset House Ice Skating permits you to encounter the charming ice arena. Notwithstanding, tickets might be expected for certain exercises and extraordinary occasions. To get your spot and stay away from any last-minute frustrations, booking tickets ahead of time through the authority website is fitting.

Key Features

  1. Ice Skating: Coast across the ice in a stunning setting, encompassed by the shocking neoclassical design of Somerset House.
  2. Skate Lates: Experience a night of ice skating under the stars with organized music and DJ meetings.
  3. Skate School: Whether you're a fledgling or a carefully prepared skater, the Skate School offers illustrations for all expertise levels.
  4. Fortnum's Christmas Arcade: Investigate a bubbly spring up arcade for exceptional gifts, tasty treats, and warm drinks.
  5. Apres-Skate Eating: Loosen up and relish great winter dishes at one of the beguiling eateries on location.


In the heart of London's bustling streets, Somerset House Ice Skating stands as a shimmering testament to the enchantment and joy of the holiday season. The sight of skaters gliding gracefully across the ice, the sound of laughter and music filling the air, and the tantalizing aroma of festive treats create a magical atmosphere that's hard to resist. Somerset House Ice Skating offers an opportunity to escape the winter chill and immerse yourself in the quintessential London holiday experience.

As the rink comes alive with activity, the season's spirit permeates your soul, reminding you of the beauty of the present moment. It's a place where traditions are born, and memories are cherished. Looking for a cozy retreat after your ice skating adventures? Mowbray Court Hotel near Earls Court Tube Station offers affordable accommodation. It’s the perfect base for your London escapade.

So, plan your visit, create unforgettable moments with loved ones, and let the enchantment of Somerset House Ice Skating warm your heart during the chilly winter months. Embrace the joy, revel in the beauty, and let the holiday spirit transport you to a world of skating bliss in the heart of London.

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