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Notting Hill returns to the streets of London!

Slide your dancing shoes on and get ready to move with this year’s Notting Hill Carnival set to kick off on August 25th and 26th.

The carnival, which is considered the largest street festival in Europe, aims to celebrate diversity within the city of London, as the city flaunts its population’s link to Caribbean heritage. Notting Hill attracts almost one million people on a year by year basis, luring them in with the aromas of Caribbean street food, music, and an infinity of activities lined up for all ages to enjoy.

Music includes traditional reggae, meringue, calypso, rumba, and zouk music, coupled with floats, carnival activities as well as eateries and pop-up flea markets.

This annual celebration is held in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Close to one million people attend this extravaganza of Caribbean culture and in 2006, the United Kingdom voted to add the Notting Hill Carnival to the famous list of icons of England.

For the first whole day, carnival goers will enjoy a Panorama as well as a steel band music competition complete with street food and dancing.

the Caribbean was the contention of many European countries who each wanted ownership of a part of this gorgeous region. The English acquired St. Kiss, Barbados, Antigua, and other islands in the 17th century. It's common for many peoples of the Caribbean islands to reside in England.

Sunday, August 25th will start early, at 6:00 am, with a traditional carnival opening performed in the Caribbean Islands called J'Ouvert. This event’s main attraction is a parade comprised of revelers donned with mug and brightly colored paints. A Children's Parade will stroll through the streets during the day and at night as children dance and perform in ornate costumes, swirling the brilliant-colored clothing.

Sunday is best day for families with young children to mingle with smaller crowds of people and plenty of kid-inspired floats in the parade. All day and into the night Sunday you can catch live music on stages and sample incredible foods from vendors while listening to all kinds of Caribbean inspired music.

The Grand Finale will be on Monday, August 26th with a mélange of dancing, street performances, steel drum music groups, and the Notting Hill Grand Finale Parade.

To fully enjoy this carnival, we recommend that you wear comfortable choose to easily walk around the festive streets during the celebrations. 

Notting Hill Carnival is free! You don’t have to buy tickets or pay to get in. Enjoy all this world- renowned and famous street carnival has to offer!

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25 – 26 AUGUST 2019


6AM – 10PM


6AM – 10PM

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