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‘Must See’ Museums in London


Best Museum in London - That you must visit

If you want to find out something about London’s history, this is definitely the place to come.  It is quite simply the world’s largest urban museum telling the story of London’s heritage.  

Find out about the prehistoric people who lived on this site, what life was like under Roman rule, and how William the Conqueror built the Tower of London.  There are the tales of London’s bridges, the Great Fire of London which destroyed most of the city, its wealthy merchants, the theatres, shops, and ceremonies that still exist today. This is London’s history!

But London is more than a city, London’s museums have an international basis containing massive world-renowned collections relating to almost every corner of the world.

The British Museum

Founded in 1753, this is one of the oldest and largest public museums in the world.  If you only have a short time here, search out the Rosetta Stone which led to the translation of hieroglyphs, the vast collection of Egyptian mummies, the cool beauty of the Elgin Marbles, the exquisite Lewis Chessmen and the incredible Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon helmet found in a ship burial in Suffolk. There are always several major exhibitions on display as well as permanent collections.   

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Words are impossible to describe the sheer beauty that lies within the walls of this museum.  It is quite simply a treasure trove of decorative art and design covering everything from furniture to jewellery, fashion to ceramics.  Every corner of the V&A holds new delights, where you can marvel at the stunning craft skills.  Some of the objects are very famous indeed, such as the exquisitely embroidered eighteenth-century jacket which featured in Beatrix Potter’s well-loved children’s story, the Tailor of Gloucester.  

The Science Museum

From DNA to space travel, steam power to electronics – the Science Museum offers a fascinating insight into science and technology through the ages.  Discover the ideas of Charles Babbage who conceived the concept of the computer way before one was ever created, the role of magic lanterns and the secrets of limelight, how aircraft took to the skies, and medical secrets. It is easily accessible from the Mowbray Court Hotel in London.

Natural History Museum

This magnificent building is stunning in its own right – and then there is the superb collection of animals, plants, fossils, and minerals to be found inside.  Among the exhibits are some of the biggest and rarest animals in the world, as well as a fascinating dinosaur collection, a life-sized blue whale, and a 40 million-year-old spider!  

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